The Flow of Our Niche

I can’t believe the time is almost here. Doing these weekly updates will be ending in just a few weeks! Soon, there will be the dead halls and the empty smells and hollow sounds that can only be found in a school after a busy year.

This school year will end. This book will come to a close. There will finally be a “wholeness” to it.

May’s essays focus on the big, kaleidoscope of “WHOLENESS”. What does that term mean, exactly? Where are we whole or not, both as individuals and as a group? What actions can we take to be both more effective and more satisfied players in that bigger whole?  How can we affect conditions for as broad of a group as possible- to reach a bigger and more overarching WHOLENESS?

This week, I suggest that part of the answer is finding a rhythm that fits us. I enjoyed taking a trip to the beach through Marlene’s photo. I could picture the sounds of the waves, the smells on the wind, feel warmed by the sun, and hear the cries of water birds in this shot. It's a rhythm I can really relate to.

There will have been things this year that felt like they fit and lifted us up. There will be others that will stand out as totally not working for either ourselves or those around us, dragging us down. This week is a call to be OK with, and acknowledging, both. Such is life- both can teach us something. By focusing on the parts that fit, that felt comfortable and supportive, we can get a sense of where we’re heading, clarity on where we want to head, and ideas of where we might want to steer towards as we keep stepping forward. We may be surprised at what we discover about ourselves and the environment we can thrive in.

Best wishes to you as you explore your niche this week! What has been the coolest thing you've discovered this year?


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