Cleaning our Glasses: True Sight

This started as an essay to support my book, Dear Teachers. It’s morphed to be applicable for all my writing interests so I'm posting it on all my blogs. I apologize for any redundancy.

I stepped away from writing for a bit. 
Truth be told, I needed to work some stuff out. It’s hard to ponder positives when you don’t see many in your life. 


That’s the overall focus on April’s essays: really seeing. I left March with an essay entitled “The Hum of Life”, with an important quote (which I attributed to Sudanese tradition, but may have come from elsewhere) that relates to vision:

“We desire to bequeath two things to our children:
the first is roots, the other one is wings.”

We have to know where we’ve been in order to see where we are now and to plan for tomorrow. If we want our children to have strong roots, we must really examine ourselves deeply. Faults. Mistakes. Failures. Only then can we move to evolving real wings.

I started April with an essay entitled “Hidden Marvels” with a dancing picture of gorgeous, sun-drenched grasses by Marlene Oswald. I wanted us to remember that if we examine our errors, we must also notice the beauty around us. The potentials. The opportunities. The gifts. They can be hidden from our view so very easily. How?

All too often, we bury our heads in the sands of pattern and numb disregard. We see neither the horror nor the exquisite.

Blindness, whether from ignorance, avoidance or with intent, destroys. Sometimes it really hurts to look. However, it can also be our salvation. In my mind, it’s worth the risk.

Best wishes to you in the days ahead as we all widen our gaze to really see and to then act within that vision of reality. Please post your own responses to this idea in the comments section. I enjoy hearing back from my readers!


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