Ode to Self

This was the first heron image of Marlene’s that inspired the first draft of Week 26: Ode to Self in Dear Teachers. I wasn't able to use it in the book, but I wanted to share its softness and tranquility today. 

We need it.

The blurred background of Monet-like water makes me settle and relax. I imagine hot sun and pulsing insect choruses filling the thick summer air, lulling me- slowing me. Add a little Relaxing Music 101 from Google Play, and it's magic.

A long, slow breath.

Twitter is loaded right now with reminders from teachers to teachers, pleading with each other to take care of themselves. Now is when exhaustion from over-extension can peak.

Yes. Care of self.

Carefully and laboriously, the heron picks and cleans. Each feather. Each bit of skin. This week’s essay falls back on my science background. My apologies if it’s a bit clunky or you don’t connect to a carnivorous bird. :-) However, there is a survival benefit, no- a flourishing benefit, to self-care that we should take heed of.

How do you groom yourself? What do you enjoy that really leaves you feeling cleansed, safe, warm and dry? Where are you surrounded by restoring peace? Those are the things that you need in order to honor yourself.

This is not an indulgence.  This is not frivolous, nor a joke. You’re valuable.

Cherish yourself. You deserve it.

If you are finding value in Dear Teachers this year, please consider suggesting it to friends and colleagues as a great gift for self or others for National Teacher Day on May 9th. Just around the corner!


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