3 Keys to a New Year

1. January is about NOW.

I know, it’s typically where we plan for the next 12 months. I know, it’s typically to list hopes and goals. To me, for those in education, it’s the time of the year to be right in the moment and moving.

I picked images to reflect spring, even though (at least in the Northern Hemisphere) we’re facing our coldest times. It’s spring in our minds because we’re nurturing birth and creating so much right now.
I mentioned Chinese New Year in this week’s essay as a reminder that getting things done is ongoing. If we stumble this week, we have the next, and the next. Each day gives us another go.

2. Our world is that branch.

I love this image for several reasons, but one is because there’s a *group* of bees at work. It’s a reminder that we’re not alone. Your school, your town, your state, your nation, our world. There are teachers around the globe, busy. Going. This week, I was led to a blog where a teacher (@oldandrewUK) in the UK is keeping a database log of teacher blogs. He’s up to over 2,100. His only touches the surface and these only include the educators who write publicly.

You can keep yourself going by remembering the branch and blooms. Reach out. Connect. Whether fellow educators or other sources of inspiration (educators are NOT the only ones in this game of life!): whatever and whoever promotes hope in your heart. Go.

3. The going is enough.

As I wrote back in Week 4 of Dear Teachers, what we try will live on. Let’s keep trying. Speaking our truths. Connecting with others. Taking care of our bodies. Learning something new.

Best wishes to all as we GO into 2018!


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