What Do You Want to Embrace?

Week 16 of Dear Teachers finds us right before Christmas. I knew it was a risk to add springtime pictures during this time of the year, but I’m glad I did. There’s a joy in the air- if we can remember it and push it into 2018, we’ll benefit.

I’m not talking about a fake cheerfulness. I’m talking honest joy. The Shakespeare quote I used from Romeo and Juliet embodies this. I’m talking about the full fire that is the Sun in our Hearts. 

I found this Mae West quote on Twitter this week, and I think it’s another powerful reminder of this idea. If we live once and do it well, it should be enough. I love the skiing graphic, as well. We’re all flying down a hill. Are we at least trying to cut the edges of our skis into the snow, or are we gracelessly sliding down the slope on our butts, in silent terror?

What do we want to embrace today and into tomorrow? Are our days leading us to that picture or not? Are we feeling some concerns or regrets?

The only time it’s too late is when our journey is over and we don’t get to see the sun rise again. Until then, we have the ability to embrace an idea and to try living it. That’s a sweet gift, indeed.

The skies are a dull gray today, but we can picture sweet sunshine and life in our minds. What’s in your picture? What’s in your dream? What are you going to embrace?

Have a great week!


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