In the Quiet

Just because things are quiet, doesn’t mean all is well.

Outwardly, we may project an image that says all is right in our world. Sometimes, we feel the need to do this as a way to get through difficult times. When it becomes our standard, we fall farther and farther away from our truth selves. Our family, friends and coworkers can think we’re fine, but there’s conflict roiling on the inside, threatening to tear us apart. We will break if we lose hope and a sense of controlling our fate. That will negatively affect us and all whose lives we touch.

The Jane Austen quote I used this week speaks of a defiant quiet. The character, Fanny Price, sees and understands her reality and is not happy with the situation.

That’s a different quiet. When we let go of the outside stuff, we can feel our centers. It’s just us. What is that? Who is that? Are our days filled with our passions or just filled? We can look at it all with a bit of objectivity.

That’s the quiet depicted in Marlene’s photo. It’s both fiery and cooling; inspiring and comforting. Take a moment. Stare at that setting sun, and take a deep breath. I can almost hear the rustle of the leaves. There’s a sense of balance, and one can openingly ask oneself, “Am I good?”.

I wish you the time for quiet. Perhaps it won’t be today. Perhaps it will have to wait a bit. But sometime. What’s going well? What could change? Who’s with me? (That’s key- we absolutely need a team behind and around us!) Where am I heading?

Best wishes to you as we enter the last couple of weeks of 2017!


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