Believing in Eventually

We’re now in the last month of the year and onto a new focus!

We’ve covered important ground so far. The importance of the people in our lives, both ourselves and all the coworkers, family, friends, students, parents and overall communities we live in. We’ve touched on the nature of struggles in our days: feelings of darkness, loneliness, and things that chill our bodies, minds and spirits.

December is all about remembering life’s positive foundations. Week 14 is a reminder that things can be tough, but with hope things can change and faith that they will, we can thrive.

Marlene captured the water droplets from melting ice falling and plopping into a running river. There’s a shelf of hard ice hanging on but one gets the sense that its time is limited: the flow and sun’s rays will soon see its demise. The water’s rippling surface reminds us that life is always moving. Everything’s dancing. If we can remember that and believe, we can see the sun again even if today it’s behind the clouds.

I’m hoping your year is going well. I’m hoping your copy of Dear Teachers is filling with your own tale. I hope my words cause a smile, a pause or a glimmer of light: whatever you need. I hope Marlene’s photos tell you some stories as they have already described ones to me. I'd love to hear what they might be!

As always, best wishes to you this week!


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