Falling Back: A Gift

I participated in a Twitter chat this morning which revolved around the time change we just underwent. Folks on #Peopleskills gave some great responses to questions about what falling back means, the difference between falling back and learning from our past, and how falling back can be a good thing or a destructive thing and why.

It segues well into Week 9 of Dear Teachers. Marlene’s picture is a bleak and craggy one, in my opinion. There’s a patch of green, but for the most part, the scene is bare with terrain that looks extremely difficult to traverse. I imagined trying to cross that stream and saw myself slipping on the rough cobble which is tumbled everywhere.

Sometimes, we have to fall back.

Allowing it to happen can be a gift: to adjust our plans to match the true situation we find ourselves in and to achieve genuine success. As Tom Reid @_TomGReid posted, “The earlier a space probe makes a trajectory adjustment, the less fuel (easier) it is. Unless you periodically step back to assess, it might be too late to make the adjustment later.”

We see with new eyes.

I didn’t initially notice the steps in this photo. At first, I just saw the obstacles and thought the greenery could represent the Life we find along the way. It took a bit to take in the whole scene.

That’s the beauty of taking a step back. Vision clears. Paths are revealed. Troubles become gifts.

Best wishes to you this week as you step along your path. May you find strength from within and from those around you. If the path gets rocky, it's OK to step back a bit!


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