October Optimism

As we go through our days encouraging others, let's remember the same goes for us. We work. We try. Sometimes we "fail". There's always a harvest, though. We can always achieve something if we keep going back into the field to harvest. I'm still preparing....

I wrote this one when there was a ton of chaos in my life. I was trying to console myself as much as others. I had a vision that wasn't fitting with the reality before me or the future that I could take if I dared. I’ve discovered recently that my reaction is probably a result of my turbulent nature. I wrote about it today on my blog and titled it Owning Our Turbulence. By owning who we really are, we can build on it from there.

The UK organization @HealthyTeacherToolkit, is focusing on optimism for the month of October. Here’ a link to their starter blog #OptimismOctoberHT. I loved the graphic they used so I’ve shared it as well.

We can gain optimism by thinking about our inner gifts and our outer ones. Light comes from both.

Let’s both see the sun and speak our gratitude out loud this week!


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