Lessons From a Swan

It’s hard to believe that October’s amber-toned days are almost gone. Well, at least in some ways, perhaps. Hopefully, we’re keeping an eye on ourselves and restocking our reserves as we make our way through the year’s business. Otherwise, we could be eyeing the calendar skeptically instead of surprisingly.

October’s Dear Teachers essays celebrated our people- everyone who helps us along the way. November’s focus? One of the key reasons why we need those people: our inevitable struggles.

This beautiful image of Marlene’s really spoke to me. She captured both power and clean balance. As I was sitting with this photo, I happened to watch a show where the main characters were swimmers- their practices were integral to the show’s message. The cool underwater camera angles mirrored this shot to such an extent, I had to write about it. I saw a message for us all.

Yes, we can’t eliminate drag completely. However, some of our struggles are self-induced and these can be well within our power to change. What if we simply...let go of older ways or thoughts. Or, perhaps we’re weighed down with bulky costumes that we donned before but that aren’t truly us today. (Yes, I just slipped a Halloween reference in there.) We could do ourselves a huge favor by shedding them.

What can we drop? What can we smooth? What can we soften? And what will we place at the tips of our fingers as we direct them toward the sky or water’s surface and fly?

Fortunately, we have many resources to help us make those calls. Ourselves. Our people. Whatever our choices, let’s embrace them and jump. I don’t think there’s any one right answer. There’s a beauty in that, too.

Best wishes to you today and every day.


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